Chania Sunset Tour

Chania Sunset Tour

Chania Sunset Tour


39 €




1.5 hours

Chania Sunset Tour


Welcome to the sunset running tour in Chania!  Designed to show you another side of this quaint Greek city, giving you the opportunity to combine some exercise in stunning surroundings.    


We’ll kick off our run at Koum Kapi in Chania, where our journey begins. From there, we’ll embark on an 8.5 kilometer run that will take us through the charming neighborhood of Chalepa and down to Koumpeli, which marks the halfway point of our route.


At Koumpeli, we’ll have the opportunity to visit the delightful little church of St. George, known for its quaint architecture and peaceful surroundings. While there, we can refresh ourselves with some cool, fresh spring water and catch our breath before continuing our run.


As we make our way back, we’ll follow the picturesque coastline, allowing us to witness the beauty of the setting sun. This section of the route promises breathtaking views with a backdrop of the white mountains and the famous Chania lighthouse framed in the distance.


One of the best things about this tour is that it remains tranquil and peaceful, even during the high season, as it’s relatively undiscovered by many locals. You’ll get to experience the serenity of the surroundings as we run along the roads and a small section of trail.


Throughout the run, I’ll make sure to point out various points of interest, such as notable landmarks, hidden gems, and places of historical and cultural significance. I’ll also share my personal recommendations for shops, restaurants, and bars, so you can make the most of your time in Chania.


This is an all-inclusive running group, and we’ll maintain a relaxed pace, providing opportunities to pause, take photos, and enjoy the scenery to the fullest. So don’t worry about being left behind; this tour caters to all fitness levels.


After our invigorating run, we’ll celebrate our accomplishments with a well-deserved ice cold beer (or soft drink) in one of my favorite seaside spots. It’s the perfect way to unwind, savor the moment, and enjoy the afterglow of the sunset and our exertion!


If you’re looking to do some running in Chania and want to explore some hidden spots of Chania by foot, the Chania Sunset Run is the ideal experience for you. Join us as we combine fitness, nature, culture (and beer!).