Aradena Gorge & Marmara Beach Trail

Aradena Gorge & Marmara Beach Trail

Aradena Gorge & Marmara Beach Trail


59 €




5 hours

Aradena Gorge & Marmara Beach Trail


This 3 mile / 5 km point to point trail takes you down one of the most beautiful and lesser known gorges in Crete

We start the trail just outside of the village of Ag Ioannis in Sfakia at the bridge made famous for bungee jumping.

We will take the zig zag path down to the base of the gorge

From here its pretty much all downhill in mainly wide sections with a combination of small stones and large boulders.  Some runnable sections, some hiking

Crystal waters

Once we reach the end of the gorge we are rewarded with the crystal blue waters of the Southern sea where we can swim into caves or relax on the beach

We will then enjoy a delicious meal at the beach taverna before a short walk along the coastal path where we will catch our ride back to the start of the gorge

Adventurous sections

If you are afraid of heights, this might not be for you as in one section you have to climb down a  large boulder blocking the gorge using the metal ladder that is affixed and in another section use ropes

What is included:

  • Meal at taverna in Marmara beach (drinks excluded)
  • Truck ride back to the starting point

What’s not included:

  • Drinks
  • Insurance

Private tours available on request