Omalos Hike to Kallergi Refuge

Omalos Hike to Kallergi Refuge


15 €




5 hours

Omalos Hike to Kallergi Refuge


We will meet at 12noon on Saturday

The route

550m elevation gain, steady climb approx. 2 hours of hiking (4-5kms) depending on everyone’s pace from Omalos plateau to Kallergi mountain refuge with spectacular views of Samaria gorge and the snow capped white mountains

We will start at the dirt road and then cut into the mountain and follow the ridgeline. There will likely be some sections where we have to walk through be prepared to get your feet wet and bring extra socks!

Once at the refuge we can enjoy a nice mountain tea and if we want we can stop to eat something.. they usually have soup, cheese, spaghetti, snacks